Risk dialogue
Determine your assets and evaluate your current
cyber security level
Risk dialogue
Determine your assets and evaluate your current
cyber security level
What is a risk dialogue?
It is a documentation and evaluation of the processes and measures relating to information security in the company. Specifically, it is a DIN27001 (SoA) GAP analysis. The focus is on organizational and technical conditions.

During a 4+ hour dialogue with our experienced auditors, you will get:
  • immediate feedback on the current level of information security in the company,
  • understanding what and where the vulnerabilities are and what needs to be done to mitigate the identified risks,
  • Comprehensible and comprehensive documentation of the status quo.
It's a perfect solution for:
Buying or updating
your cyber risk insurance
Providing a comprehensive report on your cyber risks - this will help you find the most suitable insurance product with a lower premium
Setting up an Info-Security Management System (ISMS)
Knowing the current state of your cyber security provides you a sound foundation for setting up or updating your whole system
Cyber security certification
ISO27001, VDS10000 or others
With these parameters, you can estimate how far you are from successful certification
Main advantages
  • Flexible and individual approach
    • We can determine key goals specifically for you to focus more on them. This can be useful for your insurer or for gaining a deeper understanding of any 'pain-points'.
  • Practical expertise from hand-picked auditors
    • We provide different auditors according to your business sector (e.g. health, tech, pharmaceutical, logistics industry). Our auditors are experts in your industry and understand how things work
    • We provide you with a risk dialogue: this means that you can ask us questions to gain more insight on information security
  • You can begin minimizing your risks right after the first meeting
    • Awareness of a safety culture increases straight after the risk dialogue
    • React immediately to any weaknesses found and initiate appropriate measures
How it works
After setting an appointment with our auditors, fill out the self-assessment survey and send it back to us
Risk dialogue
During this dialogue (4+ hours) with experienced specialists, we determine your company's current information security status and provide recommendations for action based on our knowledge of how the identified gaps can be closed efficiently.
Receive a report
After 2 weeks, you will receive a comprehensive report. You can use this when negotiating with insurers, while preparing for an information security certification, or as an action plan for your IT-security department
What's included in the risk dialogue
4 hours
8 hours
Examination of strengths and weaknesses based on the ISO27001 standard
Raising cyber-security awareness among company management and key personnel
Getting a comprehensive report on the maturity of the management system, which includes measures and individual recommendations to improve security
Business impact analyses for the TOP 5 (at least) identified risks
Extensive individual recommendations for action on identified risks, and tips for optimising the company's information security system
Identification of any residual risk / making risk transfer a reality for targeted insurance purchasing