Dark Web Monitoring
Prüfen Sie, ob die Daten Ihres Unternehmens
im Darknet preisgegeben sind
Dark Web Monitoring
Prüfen Sie, ob Daten Ihres Unternehmens im Darkweb preisgegeben sind

Your problem

In addition to drugs, weapons and currencies, online marketplaces in the non-regulated realm of the Internet also offer many file types and information for sale - or even for free.

Almost every person has already left their footprint somewhere on the web. Any relevant information and tips for a targeted attack on companies are collected here. This often includes log-in data on various platforms with the company email address. If a password is used in addition to the company e-mail - one that is also used in the company system - this can quickly lead to disaster.

Our solution

Darknet reports can help you to monitor any mention of your company's data. However, it is only through continuous monitoring that you can stay effectively informed in real time about every movement of data and information related to your company.
Main advantages
  • Prevention: Respond immediately to known vulnerabilities. Shut the door on criminals.
  • Be open about your company's findings and remind your employees about data hygiene.
  • A fully-automated process relieves you of any work and informs you immediately (via push notification) of any changes
  • Response: Damage reduction - in line with DSGVO/GDPR - and control in the event of a data breach