Employee and management training
Train your team on how to be safe and how to act in case of a cyber incident
Employee and management training
Train your team on how to be safe and how to act in case of a cyber incident
Possible email-based threats
90% of breaches happen because of 'human factors', such as opening phishing emails
You can download a key-logger that records any passwords you enter
Classic credential-stealing, such as usernames and passwords
Targeted attack
Stealing personal information to perform a social engineered attack. Most common for key personnel
In worst case scenarios, once activated, this leads to full encryption of all files and disruption of operations
Employee awareness campaign
There's no way to completely eliminate the 'human factor', but you can minimize the risk by training your employees and management team on how to work safely with the network.
We're happy to assist you with our all-year-round ongoing employee awareness training.
How the training works
Phishing email campaign
We start with a phishing email epsecially designed for your company and measure the click-rate.

For example, we send an email announcing new company benefits, asking for login and password to the company portal to view and select them.
Ongoing training
though our online-platform
We provide you with access to the online-platform that has regular training courses and tests for your staff over the next 12 months.

Your staff will learn how to recognise attacks, protect data, work safely in their home offices and when travelling, secure passwords and so much more.
Test-control phishing emails
We send out 2 more control email-campaigns: in the middle of the training course and afterwards. We measure the click rate to compare results.
The campaigns are different each time.
Main advantages
  • Easy to setup, control and manage
    • Hardly any administrative effort or individual content coordination required
    • You'll have access to a comprehensive dashboard to check your progress
  • GDPR-compliant
    • Every employee gets a DSGVO/GDPR compliant certificate after completing the training
    • Having proof that your employees have completed the course or are undergoing training lowers potential GDPR fines in case of a data breach
  • Saves time for HR and IT departments, easy for employees
    • Immediate demonstrable success after the start of the training campaign
    • Videos and e-learning can be accessed online at any time - no workflow disruption
    • The training course offers all the essential information to keep your business safe